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The Zambia Renewable Energy Association (ZARENA) is an interest group for renewable energy stakeholders in Zambia.

ZARENA’s main objective is to foster and promote the large-scale adoption of renewable energy in Zambia. This overall objective can be broken down into a number of concrete targets:

  • Improved regulatory frameworks for renewable energy through enhanced policy advice.
  • Improvements in the transfer of renewable energy technology.
  • Progress on skills and know-how for renewable energy.
  • A scientifically sound information basis through applied research.
  • Financing of renewable energy.

By pursuing this objective, ZARENA will help to reduce the pressure on finite energy sources, provide a sound basis for meeting future energy demand, stabilize energy prices, improve access to energy particularly for the poorest, combat climate change and increase energy security. At the same time, it will contribute to economic growth and job creation.

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