ZARENA Renewable Energy Conference

Mark your calendars for an event that promises to be game-changing in the energy sector. ZARENA (Zambia Renewable Energy Agency) is organising a one-day conference targeting the renewable energy stakeholders. So if you even care about climate change or the current energy crisis in Zambia is proving to be a migraine then you need to be at the conference.

Zambia’s energy demand has been increasing at an average of 150 – 200 Mega Watts per annum over the last decade or so. For various reasons investment in generation, both public and private has not kept pace with the growth in demand resulting in the power deficit of about 1000 MW the country is currently experiencing.

Poor rainfall in the 2014/2015/2016 rain seasons has also contributed to the energy deficit. This situation is not only affecting Zambia but the entire Southern African region and can be partly attributed to Climate Change impacts, highlighting the urgent need for diversity in energy sources.

Diversification of energy sources is particularly critical for Zambia because it is predominantly hydro based. Fortunately, in addition to substantial hydro resources, Zambia is also endowed with very good solar resource as well as moderate wind resources that can be easily exploited to diversify energy sources.

In this regard, there has been need for a central resource/authority for renewable energy related matters in Zambia, while decentralising the energy grid is beneficial for the future economic growth in Zambia.

ZARENA will partner with all Renewable Energy (RE) stakeholders including renewable energy companies, utilities, standards organisations, Government and Regulators to find energy solutions appropriate to Zambia.

This conference is an informative forum that, in the long run, will assist vitalise the local communities and the Zambian economy. The ZARENA Conference is a unique platform of its kind in Zambia where all players in New and Renewable Sources of Energy (NRSE) from different sectors of society will converge to discuss the different facets of renewable energy. Attendees will further adapt renewable information that can be integrated into the day to day activities incorporating:
•bio mass,
•geo thermal,
•bio gas and
•hydro on a small and large scale

Speaking at the ZARENA conference will be Dr. Joseph Mutale, Mr. Emanuel Chibesakunda and several other notable speakers. More details will be availed leading up to July. For more information, email: / visit: / or call: +260 (211) 257800