GET.invest offers business advisory and introduction to relief funds for Covid-19 struck companies

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit renewable energy companies worldwide and its effects put at risk what the community has ardently worked for in the past years: affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. While first repercussions are clear, future impacts and their temporal extend are yet unknown. To prepare and accompany project and business developers in these challenging times, GET.invest – supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria – has launched several tools.

Companies operating in the African and Caribbean region can now apply for the newly launched Covid-19 window within GET.invest’s Finance Catalyst to receive business advisory for acute and critical finance-related problems. Dedicated advisors with extensive experience in renewable energy project development and finance provide advice on strategy including business continuity, business and financial structuring as well as financial modelling, access to finance support, and transaction advisory. For instance, advisory topics could include assistance with reviewing of business planning in light of financial consequences from Covid-19, understanding respective legal positions with regards to current financial obligations, as well as introductions to available relief and emergency funds. To provide effective support, GET.invest coordinates closely with other partners, including the Covid-19 relief fund.

In collaboration with PFAN, GET.invest has created the Covid-19 Support Database which lists business advisory and financial support options offered by associations, impacts funds, international associations and programmes across the sector.

In parallel to its Covid-19 response, GET.invest continues its standard services of market information, a funding database, as well as regular, long-term support to bring clean energy business opportunities to fruition. Find out more at

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