ZARENA Renewable Energy Conference

Mark your calendars for an event that promises to be game-changing in the energy sector. ZARENA (Zambia Renewable Energy Agency) is organising a one-day conference targeting the renewable energy stakeholders.…

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The Zambia Renewable Energy Agency (ZARENA) is the agency responsible for the promotion of Renewable Energy (RE) and adaption of the RE technologies and application by stakeholders at various levels…

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Our vision is to promote renewable energy to make it the major source for Zambia’s energy demand and that of its surrounding regions, developing the country and empowering Zambians.

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The mission of ZARENA is to promote and advocate for the increased use of Renewable Energy by developing an effective network of members and stakeholders, emphasizing the need for quality…

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What we do

As ZARENA, we look at every step of the RE value chain which includes: Resource generation; Energy generation; Power storage solution and distribution transmission networks. ZARENA generates market knowledge, promotes…

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Benefits To Members We want to make it easier for the RE industry in Zambia to flourish by building networks and knowledge. As such offer the following benefits to our…

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Job Vacancies

The International Renewable Energy Agency -IRENA has vacancies to be filled, Please go to the Events page to check.

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Welcome to the Zambia Renewable Energy Agency (ZARENA)

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The Zambia Renewable Energy Agency (ZARENA) is an interest group for renewable energy stakeholders in Zambia. ZARENA’s main objective is to foster and promote the large-scale adoption of renewable energy…

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